What are the uses of water-soluble film produced by What are the uses of water-soluble film produced by water-soluble film blowing machine


Application of water soluble film

Water-soluble film is a special type of film made of water-soluble polymer materials. Water-soluble films produced by blown film machines have a variety of uses and are mainly favored for their solubility properties. The following are possible uses for water soluble films:

Packaging material: Water-soluble film produced by our company's film blowing machine can be used to package food, medicine, detergent and other products. Due to its solubility, consumers do not need to take off the packaging film when using it, but directly put it into water, and the film will dissolve quickly in water, reducing the generation of packaging waste.

Agricultural use: In the agricultural field, water-soluble film can be used as a fresh-keeping film for packaging agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits to extend their fresh-keeping period. Under certain conditions, these films can also be dissolved in the soil, avoiding the environmental problems caused by traditional agricultural films.

Environmental protection bags: Water-soluble films can be used to produce dissolvable environmental protection bags, which can be directly thrown into water after use, avoiding the environmental pollution of traditional plastic bags.

Medical applications: In the medical field, water-soluble films can be used to make medical packaging films or dressings. These films can quickly dissolve in water after contacting the patient's skin or wound, reducing discomfort and trauma to the patient.

Industrial use: Water-soluble film can also be used in industrial fields, such as as a protective film for some special materials, which can be easily dissolved and processed after use.

Auxiliary processing of textiles: In the process of textile processing, water-soluble film can be used as an auxiliary material to provide functions such as support, setting or color transfer.

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