Daily life of Dalian Longyao processing workshop

Daily life of Dalian Longyao blown film machine processing workshop

Usually we will inform the customer of the delivery period of the blown film machine equipment, but usually we will complete it ten days in advance and test the equipment in order to allow customers to receive the blown film machine equipment faster and start using the blown film machine to produce products.

Next, I will introduce our installation site from several parts, so that everyone can see our real factory production routine more intuitively.

In the first place,What is shown now is the installation of the head part, which is the "heart" of the film blowing machine


The second part is traction. For the three-layer co-extrusion blown film machine, we will recommend the upper traction rotary device to improve film quality and output.


Then there is winder, usually the film blowing machine is equipped with single curling and back-to-back winding, and it can also be equipped with a fully automatic winding machine to save labor.

winder   automatic winder


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