• Why choose our company

    Quality: You can choose any blown film machine company, but only if the company can provide durable, reliable and high-quality blown film machine equipment. Customization: Some customers may require a custom machine to meet specific needs. Our company offers customized solutions and is able to adapt to individual needs. Experience: Our company has more than 20 years of experience in blown film machine manufacturing, customers may prefer a company with a long history in blown film machine manufacturing as this can indicate a high level of expertise and knowledge in this field. Customer Service: We are able to provide excellent customer service including technical assistance, spare parts and maintenance services. Price: We will provide customers with the best cost performance. While quality and reliability are important, customers may also consider the cost of the machine and compare prices between different companies. Innovation: Our R&D team is constantly inventing and creating national patents. We have more than 15 existing patents and can provide competitive advantages in terms of production efficiency and productivity of film blowing machines. On the three-layer co-extrusion blown film machine, we have rich experience to share with our customers.

  • What to do if the equipment works abnormally

    Regardless of the time difference, once our after-sales service department receives the customer's request, it will first connect to the video call to judge the situation on the spot; because we will provide complete drawings and electrical cabinet wiring diagrams for each device, which will have a great impact on the customer Even if it is a difficult problem, we will troubleshoot the problem one by one and help solve the problem quickly.

  • Where does your equipment export to?

    Because our company receives invitations to participate in foreign exhibitions every year, our equipment is exported to Asian, African and European countries; such as Vietnam, Algeria, Indonesia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

  • Is there anything special about your company's processing process?

    Of course, our company has 6 advanced CNC machining centers, and we use high-quality steel materials for all accessories for processing, forging, quenching and tempering, grinding and polishing. Each process will be inspected by our quality inspection department, and the equipment will be installed at the end, and each equipment will be tested according to the production specifications required by customers.