Test an ABC three-layer co-extrusion blown film machine today


Three-layer co-extrusion blown film machine is a kind of equipment used to produce plastic film. According to the information you provide, it is equipped with a web guiding system, which helps to ensure that the produced film is more tidy when it is wound, and reduces the deviation problem during the film winding process.

In addition, we equip this film blowing machine with a meter weight system, an automatic suction machine and an automatic roll changer, which are additional equipment and functions that help to improve production efficiency and facilitate operation:

Gravimeter system: Meter weight refers to the weight of the film. The gravimeter system is used to control and adjust the weight of the film to ensure uniform thickness and consistent quality of the film during the production process. This is important for producing high-quality films, especially for applications that need to meet stringent requirements, such as packaging materials.

3 layer film blowing machine

Automatic suction machine: The automatic suction machine can automatically suck raw materials (plastic particles or pigments, etc.) into the production equipment, avoiding manual operation and time-wasting problems. This helps increase productivity and reduces potential operator errors.

Automatic roll changing device: This is the equipment used to wind the produced film into a roll. The automatic roll change device can automatically control the change and switch of rolls, which saves time and labor in the whole winding process, reduces manual intervention in production, and improves production efficiency.

To sum up, the ABC industrial Packaging film blowing machineequipped with these additional equipment and functions can improve production efficiency, reduce manual intervention, and produce more uniform and high-quality plastic films to meet customer needs. This is a kind of progress and improvement for the plastic film production industry.

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