Production process of film blowing machine


                                                                                           Production process of film blowing machine

The production process of the PE film blowing machine is to first put dry polyethylene particles into the lower hopper, and then the particles enter the screw from the hopper by their own weight. The oblique face pushes the particles forward with a vertical thrust. 

During the pushing process, the plastic melts due to the friction between the plastic and the screw, the plastic and the barrel, the collision friction between the particles, and the external heating of the barrel. After the molten plastic is filtered by the machine head to remove impurities, it comes out of the mold, and the finished film is rolled into a cylinder after cooling and blowing.

The production process of a film blowing machine typically involves the following steps:

Extrusion: The first step in the production process is extrusion, where the raw materials are melted and mixed in an extruder. The extruder is a machine that consists of a barrel and a screw that rotates and pushes the melted material through a die to form a continuous tube of molten plastic.

Film Blowing: The next step is film blowing, where the continuous tube of molten plastic is passed through a circular die and inflated to form a bubble. The bubble is then drawn upwards while the air inside is removed, and the plastic cools and solidifies into a flat film.

Cooling and Sizing: After the film is formed, it is cooled and sized using various cooling techniques, such as air cooling or water cooling. The film is then flattened and trimmed to the desired size.

Winding: The final step is winding, where the film is wound into a roll or reel. The film is then ready for further processing or use in packaging applications.

                                   Production process of film blowing machine                    Production process of film blowing machine

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