Delivery blown film machine to customer


Delivery blown film machine

1-We prepare bubble film packaging materials and wooden boxes, cartons, etc.: use high-quality, durable packaging materials, such as foam board, bubble film, shockproof materials, etc., to protect the 3 layer film blowing machine from bumps and shocks during transportation.

3 layer film blowing machine

2-Internal fixation and padding: Use support and padding inside the package to ensure that the device does not slide or bump inside the case. This will help reduce the risk of damage to blown film machine equipment during transportation.

ABA Film blowing machine

3-Check all documents and labels: Make sure all necessary documents and labels are properly affixed to the packaging, including packing slips, product labels, shipping marks, etc.

4-Choose the shipping method by sea, and make sure the shipping company has experience handling the shipment of similar equipment.

ABC Industrial packaging film blowing machine

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